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Cessna 400 Class at Manassas

Cessna 400 Class at Manassas
On Sunday November 14th, we are holding a ground school class for the Cessna 400 Corvalis TT at our Manassas campus.  This class is the first step in getting certified to fly the fastest airplane you can rent.  The Corvalis TT flies at 220 kts at FL250 burning about 16GPH.  The course covers all of the aircraft's unique systems, lean of peak operations, hight altitude operations and oxygen use, aircraft pre-flight, G-1000 flight planning, WAAS navigation and approaches, weight and balance, and descent planning from the flight levels.  The class runs from 8 AM until 5 PM with a break for lunch.  Tuition is $225 and includes a re-print of the important parts of the POH.  The 400 minimum times are 200 total, instrument rating, 25 G-1000 hours, and completion of this ground and flight training course.  The flight portion is 3 modules that totalsabout 7 hours of flight time.  Call the Manassas desk at 703-530-7737 to reserve your seat.

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