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Cessna 400 Corvalis Ground School

Cessna 400 Corvalis Ground School
You don't have to wait any longer to fly the fastest rental airplane available.  On Saturday, December 18th, we will hold a Corvalis ground course at our Leesburg campus.  This one day course is part of the Cessna factory authorized Corvalis Transition Course.  Completion of this course and the three required flight modules is the checkout to rent our 400's, and will also get you a beautiful certificate from Cessna.  Our minimums to rent the 400's are 200 hours total time, Instrument Rating, 25 hours of G-1000 time, and completion of the transition course.  The ground course will start at 8am, tak a break for lunch and conclude around 5pm.  Tuition is $225 and includes a reprint of the Corvalis Operations Manual.  Please call the Leesburg desk at 703-777-6030 to reserve your seat.

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