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TBM 850

TBM 850
We are hosting a seminar for those interested in getting in on our TBM 850 program.  The Socata TBM 850 is a 6 seat, 320 knot, single engine turbo-prop.  On Friday, November 18th, Mr. Ken Dono will bring an 850 into Manassas to do a few demo flights in the afternoon.  At 7 PM we will lay out the details of our TBM partnership program.  This program involves getting groups of 4 partners together per aircraft and providing them with the training, mentoring, insuring and aircraft management to provide partners with access to an aircraft with jet speeds at a fraction of the operating costs.  Please email Bob Hepp at NightOwl@AviationAdventures.com to let him know your interest in this program and to schedule a demo flight.  Demo flights will be prioritized base on individual levels of interest.  Ken will stick around on Saturday the 19th to do a few more demo flights.

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