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Women Can Fly

Women Can Fly

Did you know that only 6% of pilots are women?  An upcoming event hopes to change that statistic.  Saturday, May 10th is the second annual Women Can Fly Day at the Warrenton Airport.  The hours are from 10am to 3pm, rain or shine.

So over the next few weeks if you see a woman, you now have a GREAT reason to go up and talk to her.  Invite her to Women Can Fly!

Guests will participate in a formal presentation called the Preflight Briefing, which will introduce them to all the parts of the airplane and basic aerodynamics.  The static display of aircraft will allow them a more hands-on walk-around with volunteer pilots and an opportunity to sit in a cockpit prior to their actual flight.  While guests wait for their free flight, there will be pilots on hand to talk and tables set up with organizations such as VADOAV, FAA, EAA, 99s, AvAd and others. 

Please spread the word about this event to family, friends, coworkers and strangers!  Visit the website at www.womencanfly.org for more information.   There is a section for participants to register and another section for volunteers.  Flyers and brochures should be available at your local airport.  

At last year's event, we had 24 pilots to take up 145 passengers.  If you are interested in being a volunteer pilot to help with these introductory flights, Aviation Adventures will be reducing the rental rate for many aircraft by $15/hour at all locations.  Fuel will also be discounted at HWY for participating aircraft.  

The airport will be open for normal flight operations, so you may bring a plane from any location into HWY throughout the day.  

Through these hands-on experiences, Women Can Fly hopes to encourage participants to fly recreationally, become a private pilot, or pursue a career in aviation.  Here is a chance to really inspire someone!  

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