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Corvalis/Columbia Class

Corvalis/Columbia Class

This is a very hot and cool airplane.  It goes so fast that the skin friction with the air raises the temperature surrounding the aircraft, while inside our heads are kept cool with air conditioning.


There will be a class for the mandatory ground school on Saturday, May 30th from 0800 till 1700 at the Manassas Office.  An excerpt from the aircraft manual will be included.  Wrestling with oxygen masks (if the plane is available), turbo charge talk, advanced G1000 knowledge, and high altitude flying considerations will be discussed.  For $225 you can prepare yourself for flying at FL250 with the oxygen mask on and feeling like a fighter pilot.


Come join us, and sign up in advance, so we can plan accordingly for classroom space.  See you on the 30th!  It is exciting just talking about this airplane...what do you think flying it will be like?

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