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VFR & IFR Rusty Pilot Courses

VFR & IFR Rusty Pilot Courses

Aviation Adventures is pleased to announce the 2017 edition of the VFR and IFR Rusty Pilot Courses, scheduled for October 7, 2017.


The VFR course will be taught by Elias Kontanis from 0800-1200.  This course served in large part as the inspiration for the AOPA Rusty Pilots program, which has enjoyed national success!


The IFR course will be taught by Bob Hepp, beginning at 1300 and ending by 1700.


These courses will take place at the Manassas Regional Airport.


The VFR Course is designed for pilots that have been out of the cockpit for a few years, active pilots that would like to get up to speed on new developments in Part 91 flying, and student pilots working towards their Private or Commercial certificates.  This is a fantastic opportunity to meet fellow pilots and receive a comprehensive refresher course on various topics that are essential to operating aircraft under Visual Flight Rules in the Washington DC SFRA and beyond.  We plan to discuss the following topics:

-Pilot Experience, Responsibilities and Cautions

-Airworthiness, Maintenance and Inspections

-Airports, Airspace and SFRA Procedures

-Aviation Weather Products and Flight Planning

-Aeronautical Decision Making and Risk Management


The IFR course is designed for pilots who already have, or are in the pursuit of, an instrument rating.  The course is designed to provide a review of instrument procedures for each phase of flight and will have a "procedural" focus with a goal to give pilots a better understanding of the "why" behind the procedures versus just the "how" they are flown.  We will mostly use local airports and procedures as examples during the course, but there will be a few examples of interesting procedures used in other areas of the US.  Topics will include:

-Departure Procedures

-En Route Procedures

-Arrival Procedures

-Putting it all together


Each course costs $60, but if you sign up for both, the combined cost will be $100.  At the conclusion of the VFR course, you will receive a certificate of completion indicationg that you have satisfied the ground instruction requirement for the flight reveiw per FAR 61.56.  The certificate will be accepted by any Aviaiton Adventures CFI within six months of the course.


If you would like to attend either or both courses, please register by sending an email to kontanis@gmail.com or by calling Aviaiton Adventures Manassas office at 703-530-7737 with your name, email address and a preferred phone number.  Also, please specify if you would like to register for one or both courses.  This will help us plan for course materials.


Space is limited to approximately 40 participants in each course, so please reserve your position soon!

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