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Fly Out and Visit Colonial Williamsburg

Fly Out and Visit Colonial Williamsburg

Join us as we fly down to the historic Williamsburg/Jamestown area!  We plan to fly down and arrive at 1100 on Saturday, March 31.  After everyone has arrived, we plan to take a ride over to historical downtown Williamsburg.  There are plenty of restaurants available in the Williamsburg area, and the airfield also houses a nice place to eat.  We plan on departing from Williamsburg-Jamestown (KJGG) around 1500 to head back home.  If you are a private pilot that needs a cross-country flight, or just want to experience a fun flight on a Spring weekend, then reserve your plane today!


If you plan to join us, please contact our Stafford office and sign up so that we can make the appropriate arrangements.  We look forward to flying with you!

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