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Hudson River Flyout

Hudson River Flyout

We are excited to announce that our December fly out will be the Hudson River down the Bravo corridor on Sunday, December 27th. If you still have family in town from the holidays, this would be a great trip to bring them on and keep the festivities going. Also, this trip is ideal for commercial students who need XC hours and anyone just looking for cool places to go and time build! We plan on meeting up at Monmouth Executive (KBLM) at 11:00. There will be a brief at 11:30 and we plan on departing together from KBLM at 12:30.

In order to go on this fly out, you need to have completed the NY SFRA course. Here is the link: https://www.faasafety.gov/gslac/ALC/course_content.aspx?cID=79&sID=387&searchresults=true&preview=true. If you would like an instructor on board to help you manage the airspace, our instructors would love to ride along and help you out with any questions! Again, just right down in the "comment" section if you would like an AVAD instructor on board.

Attached below is the sign up sheet for the Hudson event. Please add the appropriate information in the fields provided and let us know if you are able/willing to take any additional passengers.  


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