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Rate: $90 per hour

Raymond de Haan

2023 AOPA Distinguished Instructor

2021 AOPA Distinguished Instructor

2019 AOPA Distinguished Instructor

2018 AOPA Distinguished Instructor

2017 AOPA Distinguished Instructor

2016 AOPA Honor Roll Instructor

2015 AOPA Outstanding Flight Instructor

2014 AOPA Honor Roll Instructor

2013 AOPA Outstanding Flight Instructor

Call Sign: Dutchman

Instructor Ratings: Gold Seal CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP, Cessna Factory Authorized FITS and Cessna 400 Corvalis Instructor

Type Ratings:  B757, B767, BA-4100, BE-300, CE-500, CE-525S, CL65, EMB-500


Other Occupation:  First Officer on CRJ-700/900, Corporate and Mentor Pilot on Embraer Phenom 100, Citation Jet, Citation M2, PA46T Piper Meridian, Cirrus SR20/22

Most Exciting Aviation Experience: Soloing a no radio, no electrical, like original restored vintage tail-wheel Taylorcraft.