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New Redbird Flight Simulators

New Redbird Flight Simulators
On June 7th, a big truck pulled into town and began to off-load and build our new Redbird FTX Advanced Aviation Training Devices (AATDs).  The FTX is a Full Motion, that's right, Full Motion sim with over 200 ° of wrap-around color vision and supports the full range of VFR and IFR training.  If you can do it in the airplane, you can do it in the Redbird.  Redbirds have convertible cockpit panels that allow them to re-configure to emulate a variety of aircraft.  Leesburg's will be operational on June 10th and will be configured as a normally aspirated G-1000 C-182, for now.  Manassas's Redbird will be operational on June 11th, and will be configurable as a Garmin 430 equipped C-172 and a G-1000 Turbo 182.  The rental rate is going to be $75/hour, plus instructor.  If you want to see the Redbird in action, visit their website, then click on Media Gallery, then FMX.  The Redbirds are listed on the schedule now.  When you see a time you want, grab it.  All indications are that they will schedule quickly.  If you're interested in seeing more before you schedule, we are hosting a "Meet the Redbird" session on Saturday, June 13th from 1-2PM at Manassas.  This session is free.

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