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First Flight Fly-Out

First Flight Fly-Out

The weather is changing and spring is definitely here.  To celebrate the beginning of the new flying season, we are planning to visit "The Beginning".  On May 21st, First Flight Airport in North Carolina will be a fantastic destination to get you airborne again.  The history of what happened on the sacrew ground of the Kitty Hawk Dunes always gets your attention.  After you have emerged yourself in Aviation History, the sandy beaches will lure you into the Atlantic Ocean for a great day under the sun.

Depature will be around 8am from all three airports to give you plenty of time in North Carolina.  Return will be late afternoon, but that can be decided per plane.  You can discuss that with you rfellow pilot and passengers when the day comes close.  Book your plane now and give us a call to let us know you're joining!

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