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Flying the Champ at HWY

Flying the Champ at HWY
AvAd Warrenton is happy to be hosting the Aeronca Champ (SkyVentures 1, N83581) from now until May 9th.  Anyone interested in flying this classic aircraft at Warrenton can schedule it through Paperless141 or by contacting the front desk.  The Champ is a fun, back-to-basics, taildragger that allows the pilot to hone and polish those stick-and-rudder skills.  Its 1946 design didn't include an electrical or vacuum system which keeps cockpit distractions to a minimum allowing the pilot to enjoy fundamental VFR flying (we have a battery for radios and transponder).  Anyone interested in a tailwheel endorsement (see part 61.31 for details) or an aircraft checkout in the Champ, this is your chance.  Also, we have gotten permission to fly the Champ out of Rhynalds Airfield.  This is a great chance to practice real, short field landings on a 2500' grass strip.

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