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Fly Out to Tangier Island

Fly Out to Tangier Island

On October 8th (Columbus Day), join us as we fly out to Tangier Island!  This little island town is located in the Chesapeake Bay, and is known for its historic value and unique way of life.  This colonial island was discovered in the early 1600's but did not become fully settled until the 1770's.  It was used as a staging area for the British Navy in the War of 1812.  This left a British presence on the island long after the navy had left.  This can be seen by the way of life, culture, and the most prominent aspect:  the Elizabethan dialect.  The islanders all speak with a distinct English accent that is so unique it may seem like another language!  These factors make it seem as if you are in another country, which is why it was been described as "Leaving the country without your passport."


We plan to fly out September 16th, and arrive around 1200.  We will eat lunch at Hilda Crockets Chesapeake House, then have a walk around the small island.  We will depart around 1500 to head back home.


If you want to fly along for this unique opportunity, schedule a plane today and contact our Stafford office so we know a head count for the restaurant.

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