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Aviation Adventures Expands Operations to Winchester Regional Airport (KOKV)

Aviation Adventures Expands Operations to Winchester Regional Airport (KOKV)

Once upon a time there was a guy with an airplane (N61803), who had a
great idea. More than 30 years later a “new child was born” in
Winchester, VA...

Reader’s Digest version:
The point is that Aviation Adventures has entered the Winchester Virginia Regional Airport in a temporary office to expand operations. All the pilots, student pilots, recreational pilots, professional pilots in the making, or anybody who wants to try “a look from above”, is now able to do it with the "Redshirts”. If you flew with another flight school which ceased operations at OKV and want to continue your training, or want to try out the humble starter fleet supported by a humble office ran by Mitch and the Winchester flight instructors, very familiar with OKV operations; Mike, Ed, Andy, Tom or Nate, you should be able to pick up your training with very familiar people. 

N5165M, available immediately. N8788T available most likely very soon this week and N54832, available as soon as it returns from its annual inspection later this week. Standby for the additions on the Aviation Adventures website.

Please call the Leesburg office, as we are setting up everything OKV, or stop by OKV, where Mitch will help you getting set up. If you are an existing AvAdv pilot, you should be able to reserve the planes on the MyFBO reservation system. However make sure to check, as we are in transition and are in the process of setting things up for all of us.

want to welcome all the “Winchester lost pilots” who fell through the cracks as operations stopped for some of you. See you soon at the Winchester Main Terminal, where your aircraft is sitting right outside on the main ramp. While you’re at it, say hello to Margie, Donna, Bud, Mark, Steve from Winchester Aviation, who will be glad to provide us with some much needed 100LL. And don’t forget Nick, the airport manager and his right hand Dave and not to forget Bonnie, who are instrumental in getting us settled in the main terminal.

 - "Dutchman”


N54832 1981 C172P $155
N5165M 2002 C172R $165
N8788T 2019 C172S $185

Regular CFI $58
Personal aircraft $68
Stage check instructor $68
(Assistant) Chief instructor $73

Aviation Adventures
491 Airport Road Ste 100
Winchester, VA 22602
Email: KOKV@aviationadventures.com

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