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Fly Out to Sky Bryce

Fly Out to Sky Bryce

We will be repeating a popular and very fun adventure from last Summer. For those looking for a safe challenge, we encourage you to join us at Sky Bryce on September 19th! All that join will meet at 12:00 on the airport ramp. From there we will walk over to the restaurant for lunch at Sky Bryce Resort. Just be aware that Sky Brice airport is one of the more difficult airports that we have in the area to land at. The runway is only 2200 feet long and it is located in a tight valley which can make it challenging to take off and land from. Make sure you check your performance numbers. Also, feel free to reach out to any of our AVAD instructors to join if you would like. The airport is also listed as a private airport on the charts however it is open to the public.

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